Prawns Biryani (Andhra Style)| how to make prawns biryani- silpa’s kitchen

Prawns biryani…. sounds like yummmm  and most of the peoples thought that it is only restaurant dish, there only we will get delicous biryani.. But now onwards stop thinking like that , we can do amazing biryani at our home only.. which is tastey and hygienic too..Coming to the reddish, soft and juciy prawns with spicy reddish biryani rice,wow…. i am getting  water in my mouth…. what about u??

In Andhra style biryani preparation, we use red chilli ,curry leaves and jeera this gives an amazing taste to the biryani…And it is very easy to prepare. Instead of reading and assuming the taste, try it and have the heavenly taste of biryani…

Prepartion Time :50 mins

Serves: 3

Ingradiants :

  1. Prawns: 250 gms (skin peeled and washed)
  2. Rice : 3 cups (Preffer basmati rice for better look)
  3. onions: 4
  4. Red chilli: 3
  5. curry leaves : 4
  6. jeera: 2 table spoons
  7. Ginger garlic paste: 1.5 table spoon
  8. Red chilli powder: 2 table spoons
  9. Turmeric (haldi): 2 table spoons
  10. coriander (dhaniya) Powder: 2 table spoons
  11. garam masala powder: 2 table spoons
  12. salt: 2 table spoons (Adjust to your taste)
  13. corainder: half cup
  14. ghee: 2 table spoons


  1. In fry pan add some oil and add the washed prawns .


2.Fry till  water in prawns is goes out and when they became to little reddish color.


3. meanwhile take oinion and chop it, along with add little ginger and garlic flakes(4), make fine paste using mix jar.

4. Now add this paste to the fried prawns fry for  3 minutes.

5.Now add 1 table spoon of red chilli powder, haldi, coriander powder,salt and masala powder fry for 3 minutes.


6. Fry till prawns slightly cooked and become reddish masala arrives.


7. Now switch off the stove . we use this preparation in the middle of biryani preparation.

8.Now arrange the chopped onions, red chilli, curry leaves , jeera and giner garlic paste in a plate.


9. Now in a pressure cooker add some oil when oil became heat add chopped onions fry till golden color appears.

10.Now add the red chilli, jeera, curry leaves and ginger garlic paste and fry for 3 minutes.


11.Now add the washed rice and fry for 3 miutes


12. when rice is slightly fried add red chilli powder, corainder powder, haldi, salt and masala powder fry for 2 minutes.DSCN3617.JPG

13. Now add the fried prawns to it and fry for 4 minutes.

14.Now add water (i.e double measure of rice ) i.e 6 cups because we are using 3 cups of rice here.


15. Adujust  salt , and place the cooker lid wait for  3 whistles.

16. when the pressure comes out, remove the cooker lid add ghee and coriander leaves, give a stir.

17. Now the fluffy biryani rice with reddish, juicy prawns is ready to serve…

18.Serve biryani with raita it takes  you to feel like restaurant. (To prepare raita please check the raita recipie. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare)




  1. Adjust salt and chilli powder according to your taste.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashwini Sasane says:

    Yummy, liked it a lot. Feeling like my childhood memories are back. Thanks Shilpa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ashwini for your valuable comments


  2. Geet Raheja says:

    I loved the receipe of prawns biryani,i never made prawns home,my family n i enjoyed it.. Silpa teach more prawns recipes and mutton biryani also..
    Thank you ,u r a kitchen magician..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much geet.. sure i will update different prawns recipes..


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